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Hostel in Bishkek

Prices in Hostel per day

Room type Price
2 rooms for 16 persons 10$ per seat
2 Standarts rooms 30$ per room

Breakfast is the most important meal of day. Get it free and Your day will begin perfectly!

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What is Hostel?

Hostel means a lodging house for a specific group of people. Unfortunately they say that hostel is comfortless and small accommodation not having basic facilities where the needy persons get together. However modern hostels are up-to-date hotels equipped with all necessary stuff having certain guest rules. Hostels are targeted on students and travelers who need to stay over in a comfort place. The Nomad Hostel welcomes both single tourists and large groups of people.

Our Hostel

The Hostel can sit to 16 people. We are glad to welcome couples or a big groups. We can accommodate you in the Standard double room with a queen-size bed as well. We advise you to reserve rooms in advance to prevent an unpleasant situation on lack of free rooms. Simply contact us and we accept your reservation!


  • What is the difference between hostel and hotel? +

    Undoubtedly hotel is more luxurious place but at the same time rather dull one. Expensive hotels guests can hardly get to know each other. The hotel's atmosphere is not favourable for this and you will not knock next door to meet a person. Hostel has more advantages in this respect as one room can seat members of various cultures. Friendly atmosphere free and easy talk to make friends. The stay in our hostel with the affordable prices will leave an unforgettable impression. Moreover we are located in the down town that is also important for guests of our wonderful city.
  • Is it quiet at nights? +

    We take care of our guests’ comfort that is why everything calms down from 11pm till 9am.
  • May I cook in your Hostel? +

    Sure you may! That's why we have equipped our dinning place with all necessary facilities. The opportunity to sit down and eat together is one more advantage. Where else you could not only taste various national dishes but also learn how to cook them?
  • Why is it so cheap to stay in Bishkek? +

    Indeed the stay in the downtown cannot be so low-price priced, can it be? But it is quite possible as hostels are part of the tourist culture. Our Hostel pricing policy includes only services that are really necessary for guests as opposed to hotels where one pays for everything even what is not needed. Of course hostel has another atmosphere different from luxurious hotels but at the same time it offers everything for a convenient rest after an eventful day.  
  • Is Hostel just a way of having a cheap stay or…? +

    Unfortunately low-price accommodation immediately creates a picture of a lonely station branch or dirty and shabby motel. In reality we offer you a cozy and clean accommodation of the economy class and where you are always welcomed. We join travelers all over the world so you can make friends and find out many interesting things.
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There is always provided

  • Taxi
    Provide a safety transfer service
  • Lock-box
    You should not be worried about valuable things you have as we've got personal lock boxes for our guests.
  • Laundry Room
    Unlike hotels we've got the LAUNDRY ROOM where you can wash your clothes.
  • Orthopedic Mattresses
    Good dream on the orthopedic mattress is health in a good mood.
  • Breakfast
    Get it free and Your day will begin perfectly!
  • Free Wi-Fi
    You are welcome to use high speed Wi-Fi at our place. (In our hostel you can use high speed Wi-Fi.)